Paul Schwarzenholz – Flaconi

What does it take to succeed and to take an e-business to the next level?
The Flaconi Story is a story of how to convince big brands. Paul Schwarzenholz, Founder of Flaconi shares his story on stage at Nordic eCommerce Summit Malmö 2016 including a tailored approach to Germany and what he calls Flaconi´s secret sauce.
Paul is a big name in the German startup community. He has founded several great companies including the much successful online retailer Flaconi. Flaconi has succeeded in partnering with global fashion brands that normally wouldn’t agree to sell their exclusive products online. Doing this as a startup in the German market, in an already saturated segment, is truly remarkable.

Nordic eCommerce Summit has always been about people; remarkable people doing extraordinary things. This is Scandinavia’s leading conference about the people behind e-commerce in the Nordics. The conference has been arranged in Stockholm for 11 years and is now arranged in Malmö for the third time. Since we want to attract foreign companies looking to venture into the European and Nordic markets, the conference is all in English. Last year participants from 22 different countries attended. Arranged by: Nordic eCommerce Knowledge.

Photographer: Binniam Eskender