Sherry Roberts – The Longest Stay

THE LONGEST STAY Sherry Roberts Founder & CEO

American by birth but European in spirit, Sherry Roberts is the visionary behind The Longest Stay. A pioneering combination of engaging editorial, eclectic products and the ability to purchase online, The Longest Stay is the UK’s first online click and buy interiors magazine and store. Sherry was the very first keynote speaker to kick off the Nordic eCommerce Summit in the morning of October 25 in Malmö.

She build an online-business from start and her passion for interior design has emerged into a sucessful eCommerce. 3000 brands, 9000 products and customers in over 15 countries. “Don´t underestimate mobile and new technology to help differentiate” are Sherry´s words of wisdom.

Nordic eCommerce Summit has always been about people; remarkable people doing extraordinary things. This is Scandinavia’s leading conference about the people behind e-commerce in the Nordics. The conference has been arranged in Stockholm for 11 years and is now arranged in Malmö for the third time. Since we want to attract foreign companies looking to venture into the European and Nordic markets, the conference is all in English. Last year participants from 22 different countries attended. Arranged by: Nordic eCommerce Knowledge.

Photographer: Binniam Eskender