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Per Bolund
Per Bolund is a Swedish politician. He has served as Minister for Financial Markets in the Government of Sweden since October 2014. Being devoted to Climate Change and ecological issues, Bolund was elected to the Swedish Riksdag in 2006, representing the Green Party. He serves as the Greens' spokesperson for finance policy, and is a member of the party's board of directors.
Johanna Allhorn
Johanna Allhorn is editor-in-chief of Ehandel, which is the Nordic region's largest industry magazine and meeting place in ecommerce. With several years at the center of ecommerce, she has unique insights. Johanna has worked in media and journalism for almost a decade and has good knowledge of topics such as news dissemination, interview techniques, and the art of reaching out with a message - that is, areas that virtually all industries need to be sharper in.
Bengt Nilervall
Bengt has been working in the payment sector for the last 17 years. For the first seven years, he worked as a Sales Manager at a Payment Service Provider. The last ten years he's worked at Svensk Handel as Head of Payment Systems. He has work with retail payment issues both at a national and international level.
Johnny Sällberg
Johnny is the Chief Commercial Officer at Qliro. He recently joined Qliro from a role as CCO at Urb-it, where he worked since 2017. Prior to Urb-It, Johnny held various roles at payments provider Klarna. He has a career spanning nearly 15 years in the ecommerce technology space.
Anil Bains
Anil played a pivotal role in defining and executing Amazon’s strategy to expand internationally through innovative launch models. As part of International Expansion team, he led the evaluation of potential payment partners across the Nordics, continental Europe, and Asia. He also led Amazon’s marketplace launch in Turkey and evaluated numerous European and Asian countries. He is currently the co-founder of MyAdvo, India’s leading legal services marketplace for individuals and businesses.
Elisabet Sandström
Elisabet is the CEO of the Miss Mary of Sweden and has been with the company since 2006. She has helped grow the company into the renowned international ecommerce operation that it is today. Elisabet attended Jönköping University directly prior to joining the Miss Mary team, where she began as an account manager before joining the marketing team and working her way into leadership.
Fredrik Norberg
Fredrik is the founder and CEO of Fyndiq. He has a long history of founding and leading various companies and more than 15 years in the ecommerce space. Fyndiq is an ecommerce platform through which a wide range of products are offered for bargain hungry shoppers. They provide a sales channel for all types of etailers who want to boost their sales in an accessible way.
Havard Stjernen
Havard has worked with incubator programs and startups, including in China and the Rocket Internet ecosystem. Some of his focal points at Wish are finding ways to build a more sustainable supply chain, improving product safety and customer satisfaction, optimizing price policy to address changes in product import fees, market outreach via targeted advertising campaigns.
Jethro Marks
Jethro has always known he wanted to pursue a career in commerce. During his time at The University of Auckland, he created and led the Commerce Students Association, which brought high profile CEOs to the campus to speak as well as organized popular Business Case Study competitions. As soon as he graduated, Jethro and his fellow graduate Mark Taylor began TheNile.com.au. Their marketplace is now one of the largest and most successful of its kind in the Australia and New Zealand markets.
Rickard Lyko
Rickard is the CEO of the beauty and hair care specialist company Lyko, which was founded by his father Stefan Lyko. Lyko's customer offering consists of a wide range of products in hair care and beauty, fast and reliable delivery, a modern platform for ecommerce, and attentive and knowledgeable staff. With over 55,000 products from more than 1,000 brands online and a well-established physical presence, Lyko offers a unique omnichannel solution.
Laura Rojas
Laura joined Ninjas In Pyjamas in December 2016 and has since managed the company's tangible product line. Daring to propose new strategies and execute detailed plans has allowed her to contribute to the company's increased sales growth. Previously, she ventured into ecommerce for several years and represented enterprises interested in measuring the quality of customer service in various boutiques around Europe.
Christian Evensen
Christian is the Ecommerce Manager at Fjellsport AS responsible for Fjellsport.no's web platform and all components involved to give our customers frictionless and a good user experience. Fjellsport.no was started in 2010 and is now the largest online retailer for outdoor clothing and equipment in Norway. In 2019 we merged with Outnorth in Sweden under the holding company Outnordic making us the largest online retailer for outdoor in the Nordics. Outnordic is 100% owned by Egmont Publishing.
Daniel Larsson
Daniel Larsson is the Content & SEO Manager of Kronans Apotek's e-commerce, He is responsible for developing content, organic traffic and onsite search. Before starting at Kronans Apotek, Daniel worked in the health industry as a writer, editor and editor-in-chief. Since November 2018 when he started at Kronans Apotek, their organic traffic has increased with 260%. Kronans Apotek's success in developing organic traffic has been noticed by e-commerce news sites such as Breakit and E-handel.se and also resulted in a nomination for the Swedish SEO Award in 2019.
Susanne Holmsäter
Susanne Holmsäter, Market Development Manager at Shopify, has always been passionate about entrepreneurship. Over the last decade, Susanne has been working with start-ups, most recently as PR Manager at Tictail, before joining Shopify as a part of the 2018 acquisition. At Shopify, Susanne leads localization efforts and partnership management for Shopify across Sweden and Denmark. Having lived in New York, LA and London, Susanne now resides in Stockholm.
Carl Rivera
Carl Rivera, GM of Shop; a first-of-its-kind mobile shopping app from Shopify Inc., (NYSE:SHOP) (TSX:SHOP) has been on a mission to support independent brands throughout his professional career. Previously as one of the founders of Tictail; an ecommerce platform and mobile shopping app, which was acquired by Shopify in 2018. Now, as the GM of Shop, Shopify’s flagship consumer platform, he’s working on closing the distance between buyer and seller to make commerce better for everyone. He was recognized as a Leader in Retail at age 29 by Forbes 30 under 30. Originally from Sweden, Carl and his wife, Babba relocated to New York in 2019 and currently reside there.
Johan Viktorsson
With more than 20 years of experience from fast-growing entrepreneurial companies within the eCommerce and Retail realm, Johan is currently Head of Product Information at online motorcycle and snowmobile retailer Pierce. There he leads a multinational team of 16 people in the pursuit of advancing their online experience. An objective they will achieve by serving the customer with the most relevant, commercial and compelling product experience. Furthermore, Johan has spoken at several large conferences before, holds a Master of Science from Chalmers University of Technology and is the author of the book “Koltrastens år”.
Joel Falck
Joel Falck is the Co-Founder and CEO of KitchenTime Group, a leading online retailer that offers kitchen- and homeware on the sites KitchenTime, Confident Living and Kökets favoriter.
Olivier Plas
Olivier has worked more than 30 years with B2B- and B2C-organisations to help them unlock the potential data-driven innovation, customer engagement and growth, through the combined capabilities provided by the customer, the consultants and the software tools. He believes successful innovation requires our customer's understanding of industry drivers, the consultant's methods to build, shape, and maintain that innovation, and finally Akeneo's adaptive, user-friendly and scalable tools. This is the reason IDC, ranks Akeneo as the leader in the B2B and B2C PXM software markets. Please reach out to Olivier to discuss how product information management can help your ambitions to improve overall customer experience (mainly online these days), and your challenges to get there.
Karin Lindahl
Karin Lindahl is the CEO and owner of Indiska. Karin joined Indiska in 2017, before joining Indiska Karin spend 6 years as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company. Indiska is in the middle of turnaround and has the past year done significant investment in new technology. Indiska has around 1,2 million customers in the loyalty club and CRM is a huge focus area for 2021.
Michael Ewald Hansen
Michael Ewald Hansen is the Ecommerce Director at LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW, a Scandinavan brand selling luxury liquorice and chocolate. The company has grown over the years to a healthy 8 figure company who recently celebrated their 13 year anniversary.
Richard Birgersson
Richard is the Head of Business Development in Northern Europe for Nosto. He has over 16 years of experience in sales with a background in ecommerce and payments. Prior to Nosto, Richard worked for companies like Lacoste, EGO Optiska AB, Phillips, and American Express.
Mattias Schlyter
Mattias Schlyter is Head of Nordics at Klevu and is an onsite search specialist who helps e-commerce stores improve the search and navigation experience. Before starting at Klevu, Mattias worked 2 years at Columbus focusing on third party applications that would improve ecommerce stores and the e-commerce platforms they where using. Applications for Search, Email Marketing, Product Recommendations, Dynamic Pricing and more. After a successful time assisting both B2B and B2C companies, Mattias now focus on advising companies on how to improve the navigation on their e-commerce stores.
Jens Levin
Jens Levin is the CEO and co-founder of Sitoo, the cutting-edge retail point of sale and unified commerce platform for global retailers. He’s passionate about helping retailers around the world revolutionize their customer experience with state-of-the-art, world leading technology.
Mattias Eriksson
Mattias Eriksson has over 15 years of experience within the retail sector, most notably for being part in the early stages of building one of the largest Nordic e-retailers within fashion. He has also helped software companies like inRiver (PIM) and now Voyado assisting global retailers and brands with their strategies.
Adam Gudmundsson
Adam is the Technical Development Manager at iDeal Of Sweden where he can create & develop systems, routines and processes across all functions. His current main focus is within automation and scalability, while always making room for new initiatives to further improve our business.
Ion Ciorici
Ion is the Supply Chain Director at IDEAL OF SWEDEN where he lead purchasing, planning, logistics and wholesales operations teams. His current main focus is to build steadfast capacity and smooth delivery experience from our 7 global warehouses, which can ensure a rewarding customer experience in iDeal Of Sweden’s 21 localized e-commerce markets and 10 000+ wholesale partners globally.
Wilhelm Hamilton
Wilhelm is the CEO of Reclaimit where he joined last year from Klarna. Reclaimit makes a bad buy a great experience by digitalizing the return and claim experience whilst automating the backend processes for the merchant. Reclaimit has processed 16 million customer requests in a raft of segments focused on returns, complaints, claims and service. Today, Reclaimit is the leading provider of automated returns and complaints systems in the Nordics.
Katarina Nordin
Katarina joined Adyen in 2018 and heads up marketing and communications in the Nordics & Baltics. Adyen handles payments online, in-store and in-app on a single platform. Before joining the world of fintech, Katarina worked in advertising at Ogilvy London.
Robert Carlén
Robert works as CFO at Hästens and leads the work around digital transformation. Robert’s aim is to ensure that the customer’s needs are always met, regardless of where in the world they are or which channel they’re shopping in.
Sarah Harrison
Sarah Harrison joined Klaviyo a year ago to manage Customer Success in Europe. She has spent the last decade working in Martech. She has worked for businesses specialising in video, mobile and most recently omni-channel marketing. She is passionate about helping customers meet their digital marketing goals and drive efficiency through the adoption of technology.
Anne Kelley
Anne Kelley is Chief of Staff to the COO at Mirakl. She is in charge of steering and supporting company-wide projects and monitoring the company’s performance. Anne is focused on strategic consulting and executive relationship management. She is also specialized in customer success for ecommerce and marketplace. Before joining Mirakl, Anne was working as Customer Success Director at Salesforce.
Markus Nasholm
Markus Nasholm is CEO at Best of Brands Group, an online retailer with showroom and sites such as Campadre.com. Before his current position, Markus has served as Head of Corporate Development and M&A at Catena Media and Finance Director at Millicom. With more than 15 years of experience in the Finance and M&A roles, he demonstrates strong team leadership and project management skills.

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