The Investor Pitch – Emil Harðarson from Mesher

Mesher Wins the Investor Pitch

On November 5th 2015, two companies went head-to-head on stage at Nordic eCommerce Summit to win the Investor Pitch with eEquity. It was not an easy decision—both Mesher and GoLoyal have been created by brilliant minds and have worked incredibly hard to build a product that solves a problem.

Mesher was chosen by eEquity because of its unique idea; where most competitors are based on the what the clothing looks like, Mesher focuses on the customer’s measurement. We believe Mesher can help solve the problem of high returns within the online fashion industry as well as the customers problem of not knowing if the clothes will fit. Further, the combination of being in a huge market with a highly scalable business model gives Mesher a perfect foundation for building a great company. Emil Hardarson’s presentation of Mesher had also improved drastically from the first day to the second. Congratulations Mesher!

The team behind Mesher will get hours of mentoring, access to a large network of investors, and special guidance from eEquity. In fact, there is already an interest from certain angel investors.